Few words about me

Katarzyna Pander-Liszka
Katarzyna Pander-Liszka


Katarzyna Pander-Liszka – born in 1970 in Zabrze. Always considered herself as an artist. She encountered handicrafts for the first time as a little girl. Over the years, she was working as an interior decorator, then started developing herself as collage artist. She was improving her skills abroad, incl. Italy and the United States. The artist also belonged to the National Guild of Decoupeurs, where she had an opportunity to discover secrets of traditional collage in the international group. She also ran the collage workshop in Warsaw, where she was organising training for collage art lovers. Her artistic journey led her to new fields. She passionately painted on silk for several years, which resulted in the creation of many works full of saturated colors. The real passion, she discovered in resin painting, which, as she emphasizes, it has given her the opportunity, to create her own world. In addition to her great passion for fine arts, in her free time she draws inspiration from the world of cooking and creates in the privacy of her garden.

Artist statement

I would like my paintings to tell a story and encourage its creation. I want to touch human emotions through my art, stimulate the flow of creative energy that I feel myself pouring all inspiration on canvas. While painting, I trust my ability to listen and observe. Thanks to this, even in mundane situations, I can find impulses pushing me to create a specific piece of art. It’s the technique itself as well as means of expression that inspire me the most. While creating resin works, expression becomes limited by material that requires a specific plan. I am fully fascinated by this dependence.