Katarzyna Pander-Liszka, born in 1970 in Zabrze in southern Poland, completed post-graduate studies in interior design and painting at Warsaw „Studio Sztuki” under the supervision of professor Elżbieta Pawłowska. Katarzyna worked for many years as interior designer. Additionally she created decorative elements for the interiors in form of mixed media collage. In time, it was the creative part of her nature that dominated her career.

She explored new artistic techniques in Italy and USA, as a member of National Guild of Decoupeurs, where she practiced the very traditional technique of collage.

Soon Katarzyna was leading a collage studio in Warsaw, Poland, where she could exercise her artistic passion and educated young art lovers in the traditional collage techniques.

At the same time, Katarzyna - as an artist, constantly exploits new paths in painting.

For several years, fascinated by the richness of colors, she focused on painting on silk. Then she discovered the magic of resin epoxy painting, playing with color and texture. Finally she turned to creating geometric assemblage paintings with the use of many layers of cotton canvas combined in color rich multidimensional works.

The brave use of pigment and texture allow Katarzyna to best express her own artistic vision, transferring her intimate emotions into a unique, color rich world.